Mood Tracker

Mood Tracking PAX is a subdivision of the PAX app. This Android application is designed to study and compare various mood measures and interactive designs. It compares classical, chatbot, and graphical interfaces against various mood measures from the literature.

Although I designed this app for a scientific study, users have continued to use it by choice beyond the study duration. The study was announced to be for a maximum of two weeks. The app is still active, and it has users who have been using it for more than 200 days. Screenshots of this app are located in the gallery of this website.

Interesting results emerged from this study. Beyond finding the best approach for mood tracking, I was able to come up with a short, new measure for mood tracking. Using collected data, I also investigated an adaptive measure that adapts its questions based on its prediction of the user’s mood. Interestingly, I found the user’s positive and negative affect to be different with regard to the temporal effect. I also defined a baseline for the future machine-learning–based prediction for such an adaptive measure.

Helma Torkamaan

My research interests include Human-computer interaction, recommender systems, e-health and ubiqoutous computing.