PAX is an Android application that I developed as the platform for running research studies. It tracks user behavior and smartphone sensor data, which it sends to our secure servers at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The app then recommends personalized, context-aware behavioral interventions. Currently, the interventions are focused on mental health promotion and reducing the negative effects of stress in daily life. This version of the application is scheduled for a release in April 2020. The application has several functionalities, and all interested researchers are welcome to contact me to use the app for their own research. PAX can be used for any psychological, behavioral, or user-centered studies in both academia and industry. A few functionalities of PAX are:

  1. A variety of questionnaires, both valid and gamified (mood, stress, personality, health attitude, physical activity, sleep, etc., are already integrated).
  2. Experience sampling components, both scheduled and intelligent
  3. User social behavior modeling, location data, activity, call & SMS logging, weather, calendar, app usage and sessions, noise, light, screen unlocks, etc.
  4. Presenting recommendation to users
  5. Initial gamified preference elicitations for cold start
  6. Adding recommendation, social, and collaborative content generation
  7. User control and personal modification of content
  8. User feedback and personal reports of progress and collected data
  9. Pre- and post-study surveys
Helma Torkamaan

My research interests include Human-computer interaction, recommender systems, e-health and ubiqoutous computing.