Daily report system in ICT, solution for knowledge management

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This project was part of my work at the IT research center at IUT, where I developed the strategic direction for knowledge management and project management in a research-based organization. DRS, or daily report system, was part of the solution for automation and dynamic project management in such organizations. Through daily, short message-based reports (250 characters maximum) and language processing, we created an integrated knowledge management solution that also contained the documentation of projects and enabled us to optimize the existing highly dynamic work environment. The main difference between DRS reports and project management tools is the DRS capability of detecting, monitoring, and predicting the root reasons for delays or unplanned events that were common in that research-based organization. This was done by utilizing a bottom-up accumulation function that acquired and analyzed reports directly from research staff. By using DRS to gather more accurate data from staff during a project, we could access historical data with higher accuracy and automate replanning and reestimation of new projects. The internal success of the project turned it into a product and service for the customers.