Dimensions lead to the feeling of high-quality packaging and unboxing

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This project was part of my work at UEC to lay the strategic groundwork and roadmap for the package design of future products. For this project, I started by looking at the history of packaging from an anthropological perspective. The main difference between the packaging of consumer products in non-electric items and consumer electronics is that, for consumer products, the packaging is the primary factor influencing the purchase decision, whereas, in consumer electronics, it plays more of a secondary role. Nevertheless, packaging, even for consumer electronics, plays an important role in customer perception, is a strategic decision, and is an important part of the customer journey. It should, therefore, be in accordance with the marketing strategies and be standardized within a company for all of its products. The first step of packaging is the definition of the product positioning strategy. For the packaging, all sensory elements in design, besides visual and tactile sensation elements, should be considered. Auditory, olfactory, and gustatory sensations are advantageous in packaging design.

As part of this project, I also looked at unboxing. The psychology behind unboxing is related to the emotional dimension it creates, and the more that users are involved emotionally, the more successful the packaging is . The semantic process of unboxing is about the planning, expecting, and surprising stages that users experience. In three words, it is all about anticipation, surprise, and satisfaction.