A customized project management information system

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This project was part of my work at the IT research center at IUT (more than 300 expert researchers and employees, the highest revenue center in the country at the time), where I developed the strategic direction for knowledge management and project management in a research-based organization. PMIS was about initiating and transferring changes in various levels of a research-based organization and implementing organization-wide project management solutions. In observing the challenges and shortcomings in the flow of the multiple projects and their management in my working environment, I came up with a solution to improve the management of projects and lay the groundwork and plan for strategic changes throughout the organization. The proposal was granted two-year support and a team for implementation. I planned a seven-phase change plan that addressed various issues. PMIS followed changes in four main levels of strategic management: portfolio management, program management, project management, and established project management offices (PMOs).

In this organization, a typical project management solution could not be applied due to the dynamic nature of projects, their interdisciplinary aspect, and the unpredictable nature of research-based and innovative components. Through PMIS, we changed the main workload culture from execution to initialization and planning. The main challenge of the projects and the bottleneck for results was resolved by redefining the product and projects and separating reproducible working packages from innovative components. This way, the organization could better manage resources throughout a project, which increased the benefits significantly. Being the agent of change required high-level communication, conducting various studies, and testing, implementing, and verifying the effectiveness of the solution. PMIS led to the restructuring of the organization, resource management, working processes, and the definition of KPIs. This project was a start-to-finish success story that increased revenue significantly. The outcome, success, and experience of PMIS turned this project into a product and consulting service for customers. In addition, I published four scientific papers and presented more than ten invited talks related to this project.