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Smart Home and basic human needs, user experience.

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This project was part of my work at User Experience Center (UEC) to lay the strategic groundwork and roadmap for the smart home products of the company. We provided the definition of experience key performance indicators (KPIs) for the smart home domain. Using those KPIs, we also investigated various smart home products in the market and defined the smart home objectives.

Here are a few of my recommendations that can be used in every smart home product:

  1. Aim for a simple application; functions should be easy to find and use
  2. Never disappoint users; e.g., even when there is no internet connection, give them the feeling of functionality and control
  3. Give easy to use concepts for functions
  4. Give users customization and personalization
  5. Engage the beginners, attract the experts
  6. Keep consistency in hardware and software
  7. Note the importance of joyful interaction
  8. And remember: the higher the reliability and the lower the maintenance, the happier the users
  9. Think for today and tomorrow, don’t forget universal accessibility and error prevention, have consistency in installation across all products, and consider things that others don’t